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  • Sean Murphy


Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Do we generally look at waste as a resource of a hindrance? With a proper waste audit and inspection of waste it becomes transparent that there will nearly always be something you can do to divert waste away from landfill and in many cases, reuse, or reduce an amount of waste destined for disposal.

Take a look at our office desks here at Genesis! They are old scaffold boards that not only serve a purpose, they look absolutely amazing and add character to the office space. In fact, it is our policy that wherever we can, we will utilise the reduce, reuse and recycle practice wherever we can. We will be adding a beautiful board. Rused, Recycle,Reduce room table and kitchen area to our list of fixtures within the next couple of weeks made from cable reels so keep a look out for them when they arrive.

Recycled Desk
Recycled Desk

It is very much up to the individual how far to go when it comes to using waste/recycling as a beneficial resource. For many people, it could be considered too time consuming but then why not outsource. At least if we all try to do a little more and dispose of a little less we can make an impact on the large volumes of waste that are literally blighting countries the world over.

Let’s do our bit. Let’s take a little more time to consider what we actually do with our waste and recycling. You never know, you may very well be surprised at what a a huge difference a little thought and a little action can make.

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